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Planning Applications

Planning Applications

Long Sutton Parish Council are a small part of the planning process known as “Statutory Consultees”.


The Parish Council assess the merits of each planning application against planning policy, design and local knowledge, and then provide our assessment to Somerset Council – the local Planning Authority.  A list of material planning considerations (not exhaustive) is also referred to by councillors when making observations.


The Parish Council welcomes observations on planning applications at our monthly meetings where residents can speak for up to 3 minutes on an application.


A full list of current applications is logged on the Agenda for Parish Council meetings and can also be found on the Somerset Council Planning Portal where ALL formal observations on an application must be logged.  Members of the public can register their support or objection to a planning application via the Somerset Council Planning Portal, by entering the planning application number.

If you do not know the planning application number but know the number or the street address of the planning application in which you are interested, (ie current or closed), a search using this information can be made on the Somerset Council Planning Portal

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