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Speed Indicator Device (SID)

Monthly Data

The data from the Speed Indicator Device, when located in Long Sutton Parish once a quarter, can be found by clicking on the summary below.

Data Summary February 2024

Data Summary November 2023

Read the report summary here.

In the SID results below:

  • "Langport" reports cover traffic coming into Long Sutton from the Langport (West) direction on the A372

  • "Martock" reports cover traffic coming into Long Sutton from the Martock (South) direction on the B3165

  • "School" covers traffic coming in past the school 20mph zone

  • The 'Text' reports are a written list of 

       data for each month​

  • The other three buttons are graphs

Each text analysis report shows:

  • The 85th percentile speed - ie the speed of 85% of all vehicles that pass.  Ditto for 50th percentile.

  • The 85th percentile volume - ie the number of vehicles within that 85th percentile

  • The maximum speed recorded during the month

  • The total vehicles recorded during the month

  • Similar speed and volume details on a weekly basis

The charts are self-explanatory.  

Click on an arrow to see the data:

November 2022 (Langport + School)





SID glitch - dates are really Nov 2022. 01 - 14 Nov, SID was on second Langport road site. 15 - 30 Nov, SID was opposite school

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