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Civil Contingency


In the event of an emergency or incident affecting the community, the Parish Council has prepared contingency plans and procedures which will be operated in conjunction with other agencies such as the Police and South Somerset District Council.
The purpose of the Parish Civil Contingencies arrangements is to allow the community to support itself in an emergency. This includes shelter, warning & informing and general assistance during any emergency that affects the community, when the normal response by the emergency services is delayed or overwhelmed due to the scope or nature of the incident.

Parish emergency plan

Purpose of the plan:

The parish emergency plan has been designed to enable the Parish to identify the immediate actions it should consider during, and in the aftermath, of an emergency. These actions may assist the community in reducing the negative impacts of an emergency until further assistance has been received.


Aim of the plan:

The aim of the plan is to increase the resilience of the community to an emergency by creating an organisation that can respond in conjunction with other agencies to mitigate the effects of any incident.

Objective of the plan:

  • Identify the risks to the community and the relevant response actions

  • Identify vulnerable people in the community

  • Identify human and physical resources in the community available to assist during an emergency

  • Provide contact details for all the persons and agencies relevant to the plan

Civil Protection Group

Emergency Action Checklist Card

Click here to download the Emergency Action Checklist Card - 174kb

The Parish Council has a group of volunteers including Parish Councillors who have been trained to assist in the local response to a civil emergency. These volunteers would assist the community response to an incident.

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