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Community Warden

The parish has engaged the services of Craig Howe since 2011 to help us maintain the street scene of the village. Under the Parish Council's instruction, the Community Warden does the following tasks:

  • Keeps the village green and children's play area grass neat and tidy

  • Maintains the trees that are the responsibility of the Parish Council around the green, going up Harding Hill, and Long Sutton Hill

  • Keeps roadside drainage channels clear to help prevent localised flooding

  • Clears pavements of detritus

  • Supports the footpath management team with fixing stiles & gates

If you find areas of the village that would benefit from the community warden's involvement, please click on the image to send a message.


The Parish runs a Footpath sub-committee, which is tasked with maintaining and improving the footpaths and associated stiles, gates and plank bridges.

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